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November 30, 2011 / briannasw

Eye Makeup

I tried to make a little photo tutorial of how to do eye makeup like me! I’ve never done one before, but I learned a lot of people don’t know how to put on false eyelashes. So here you go! :]

First apply eyeshadow and eyeliner. If you don’t put eyeliner on the top then the false eyelashes will generally be noticeable because it’s hard to place them exactly next to your real eyelashes. You don’t want to notice a gap and the eyeliner helps fill it in.

Then apply a small amount of glue to the edge of the eyelashes. I use Lashgrip because it’s cheap and dries clear. Make sure you don’t use too much glue because if you want to reuse them it gets annoying to pull all the glue off. 

Then apply the lashes as close to your natural eyelashes as possible. I like to put them on from the inside of my eye to the end because it looks weird if the long eyelashes go out too far on the side (you probably won’t understand what I mean until you put them on in a bad position haha). 

After the lashes are on, I like to apply  a little bit of mascara to my natural lashes because it helps blend them together. Then, VOILA! The lashes are on and look great :] I wasn’t sure about them when I first started wearing them, but I’ve received a lot of compliments. I like them! 


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