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May 27, 2014 / briannasw


This trip has been so amazing. I feel like I have been so busy but in a great way. I went hiking out to Vance Creek Bridge on Saturday. It’s the second tallest bridge in the U.S. Kinda crazy coming from a girl who was terrified of heights, but apparently I’m doing better with it now haha. I got some awesome photos from it. We ended up getting lost so a 4 mile hike turned into more like 8 haha! Oh well it was a beautiful day for it. I got to see a friend who worked at BSU football with me as well and finally went on the Great Wheel on the pier. Sunday my sister took me out to Port Townsend which is a beautiful place. We had fun exploring the little shops and old military fort. I wish the weather was a little nicer but it was still beautiful. Today we just went random places like shopping in Bellevue and ate at Alki beach. This place is definitely a second home now. I know it better than some people who have lived here for a while! It’s been super fun to explore and be stress free but it’s back to Boise tomorrow! Hope everyone had a wonderful memorial weekend and a big thanks to all those who have/do serve our country :)








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  1. Washington!!

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